Hilarious Gift Ideas for Fans of the The Office TV Show

What are the Best ‘The Office’ TV Show Gifts?


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Below are some The Office TV show gift ideas that are sure to brighten up the day for any fan of the series.

For years we have looked to the ‘The Office’ for inspiration and ways to make our own office environment more fun and less mundane.

Whether it’s pulling pranks on our co-workers or applauding them for their unique skills (Dundies), most of us have been inspired to bring some of that playful energy to our own jobs.

But let’s face it, none of our bosses are as quirky and loving as the venerable Michael Scott.

And it is because of this iconic character that the show will live on in our hearts forever.

So, for the true fans of ‘The Office’, I have created a list of some epic The Office gift ideas that even Jim Halpert would approve of.

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Dundie Award Trophy – The Office TV Show Gifts for Fans

Possibly one of the most well known and fan favorite episodes have been based around the Dundies award ceremony.

This is an episode where Michael Scott takes all of his employees out and presents them with awards for their unique contributions to the workplace.

Now with this 9.5 inch Dundie replica, you can re-create the feeling with your own co-workers .

Grab all of your co-workers and take them down to the local Chili’s, load them up with alcohol, and commence to embarrass them one by one by giving out ridiculous awards.

Take a page from Michael Scott  and exhibit such awards as ‘The hottest in the office’ and the ever-mortifying ‘Don’t go in there after me” award.

Sure to be a hit in your own office and great gag gift for any occasion.


That’s What She Said Mug – The Office TV Show Gifts for Fans



Is there ever a wrong time to quip the iconic phrase “That’s what she said”.


However, the clever and almost always inappropriate pun seems to fit any occasion.

This 11 oz coffee mug is more than just a vessel for your favorite beverage.

It can quite possibly be the bright start to your day every morning by bringing a smile to your face, and those of your office comrades.


Schrute Farms Bed and Breakfast – Apron and Oven Mitt Set


gifts for the office tv show fans schrute farms apron


Have a hankering for Beets, Bears and Battlestar Galactica?

Feel free to re-create the Dwight Schrute bed and breakfast experience in your own home with this cool Schrute Farms apron and oven mitt set.

The perfect gift for The Office fans including grillers, gardeners, beet diggers, woodworkers, bakers, chefs or home cooks.

Made of 100% premium quality cotton this set is comfortable and durable, as well as one size fits all.

If you want to give the full Dwight Schrute experience, make sure that your well stocked in beets; the perfect ingredient for every meal.


The Office: Complete Series


Sadly, for those not in the know Netflix will be removing The Office Series from their platform soon.

This means that many of us will not have access to this timeless series at our leisure any longer.

NBC has decided to  re-purchase the rights, and will be streaming The Office on their own platform.

Thankfully you can ‘stick it’ to the man by purchasing the complete series and watching it whenever you want.

This way you don’t get forced by those greedy corporations to purchase another streaming subscription.


Dunder Mifflin Hoodie – The Office TV Show Gifts for Fans



So this is a hoodie, wish I had something clever to say about it.

But it’s pretty much awesome for all the reasons that make hoodies awesome.

Keeps you warm and snuggly, it’s the perfect way to hide a bad hair day, and most importantly – it’s the perfect attire for airports and traveling.

Now add the fact that this one says ‘Dunder Mifflin’.

Pay homage to one of the greatest sitcoms of all time in style, and strike up random conversations with other strangers who love the series.