What are People’s Favorite Gift Types? – A Survey

What are People’s Favorite Gift Types?


Turns out there’s a science to picking what might ultimately be someone’s favorite gift.

Well, not really.

But it does involve some thoughtfulness and some time to focus on the individual we are shopping for.

As we see in the survey below a large percentage of people’s favorite gifts involved catering to the individual.

It was not just picking gifts that are generic and popular at the time.

Whether it’s taking the time to listen to the gifts that people actually want to receive or taking the extra time to surprise the individual – The extra effort can go a long way.

Remember, gifts don’t have to be pricey in order to be highly valued by the receiver.

Some of the best gifts that I have ever received weren’t super flashy or expensive but were thoughtful.

For example, one of the greatest gifts I received recently was a portable phone charger battery.

I didn’t think much of it at the time and I actually waited several months before I even used it.

Eventually one of my old charging wires frayed and stopped working and I started using the portable phone charger to charge my phone.

I quickly realized it was more convenient to charge on the go and have been using it everyday since.

I travel often and now had a portable form of energy for my gadgets that could be taken with me everywhere I go.

It became a constant reminder of the person who gifted it to me, as well as a reminder of their kind insight into buying me something that I would find helpful.

Check out the stats below, hopefully it will help you in selecting one your loved ones next favorite gifts.



People’s Favorite Gifts



What are People s Favorite Gifts