Funny Socks


We put the fun in funny socks!

Need a unique and fun gift idea for a friend, acquaintance or loved one?  Look no further!

Here at Savvy gifts we have a large selection of funny socks for men and funny socks for women.

They say the greatest gift is the gift of laughter and our goal is always to make our customers happy.

We also strive to ensure that every gift getter is left with a smile on their face.

Our assortment of witty sock phrases and cool designs provide the perfect present for all gifting occasions.

Check out our selection below of our customer’ favorite funny socks on Amazon.



Funny Retirement Gift


After a lifelong dedication to one’s career every retiree deserves to get out of the daily rat race. A celebration of their newfound ability to live life on their own time.



retirement gifts



Do Not Disturb Socks


After a long hard day we all deserve to crack open a frosty beverage, put our feet up and turn on the game.  Lay back deep in your recliner and relax and letting the rest of the family know that you are not to be disturbed during game time! Unisex and one size fits all.


funny socks football



Cool Socks for Basketball Fans


You get the message by now.  Our fun socks for men or women truly give the gift of happiness.  What’s better than kicking back undisturbed and watching the game! Unisex and one size fits all.



funny socks basketball



Best Gift for Gamers


We’ve all been there before…up all night gaming and breaking new levels, only to be interrupted and meet your demise.  First rule of gaming is not to disturb the gamer while playing.  After all, most of their time their avatar’s life is on the line.



gift for gamers




Funny Gifts for Men


Not to be sexist but it seems that men fall asleep more often while watching tv, or during an outing, or…..

Damn near everywhere!  This funny gift sock is the perfect gift for dad, gift for grandad or anyone else that loves to cop a snooze than pretend like they’re not sleeping.



funny socks for men




Fun Socks for Women


Looking for a pair of cute socks for women? Well check out the fuzzy little fur balls below.  These cute cat themed socks are the perfect gift for any cat lover or animal lover.  This set of 5 adorable pairs are sure to put a smile on any gift getters face.



funny socks for women




If You Can Read This Socks


Imagine silently summoning your loved ones to be your personal slave while you sit back and relax. Totally doable with these hilarious and stylish socks. Each pair sends a subtle message to your housemates that you are to be served!


if you can read this