Gift Ideas for Football Fans

What Are The Best Gifts For Football Fans?


football gifts


Below is the ultimate list of gift ideas for the football fans in your life.

Football season is here and football fans can rejoice.  It is the season of cold weather, even colder beer, and hot debates about your favorite teams chances of winning it all.

And if you’re not a football fan, at least the fan in your life is kept occupied and you have some free time to yourself.

Spread in the cheer by giving that fan the most awesome football gifts available, don’t have to wait for the next Superbowl.

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NFL Chef Hat and Apron Set for Football Fans



It’s a cold Sunday morning and you know its game day because the guys are piled up at your front door. It has been 3 years and you still don’t why they choose your house for the Sunday game; “EVERY” Sunday.

Something was different about this particular Sunday morning with the guys, they were feeling less hungry and a “little” more sober.

As usual they stumble through your front door, making a perfect landing on your living-room couches.  But this time Big Bob hands you something rolled up in his hands and says, “Wear it with pride!”

As you unrolled this “unexpected” gift. You realize its something that only a true experienced fan would appreciate; and a little strange voice from out of nowhere says, “Roll out the grill boss”.

Then you yell to the guys, “start the fire” and the flames from the backyard instantly create a joy only a true fan can appreciate on a Sunday morning.

Grill away with your new NFL hat and apron set emblazoned with your favorite team, it’s time to represent and look official!


Do Not Disturb it’s Game-time Funny Football Socks 


Is a little peace and quiet during the game too much to ask for?

I think not.

Add a new wardrobe piece to your current Sunday tradition with these cool football themed and funny socks.

Let these socks be a clear reminder that when you see these feet reclined on the sofa, you are in desperate need of a little quiet time so you can focus on the game.

A must have for any football fanatic.

These funny socks will be a constant reminder that you shall not be disturbed during the game, unless its about a cold beer.


Officially Licensed NFL “12th Man” Plush Rachel Throw Blanket, 60″ x 80″, Multi Color



We all know its getting to that time of the year that all of us love.

Some must be thinking I’m referring to Valentine’s Day but the rest of us know that it’s all about Football.

Any any true fan knows that you can’t have football without tailgating.

Stay in style this tailgating season with this cozy, plush and officially licensed football blanket.

Stop using that embarrassing  yarn blanket your grandma made generations ago to keep warm and represent your team in pride and style.

Portable and versatile, it can be used at home, outdoors or can be taken to any venue.

It’s made of high quality materials which make it durable, and at 60″ x 80″, its big enough to for any football brute to cuddle in.

Available in all teams.


Coleman NFL Cooler Quad Folding Tailgating & Camping Chair with Built in Cooler and Carrying Case



Awwww man, now this gift will bring tears to the eyes and a cold one to the lips of any football fanatic.

No more falling out of that 3-legged plastic chair your friend always bring to the tailgate party. Nope!

You brought your own chair this time.   And yes, this was a gift from big Bob as well; this guy made up for all the times he threw up on your carpet and he is on a roll!

You mean to tell me that this chair even comes with a special compartment to chill your favorite bottled beverage?

There is a reason football season was created around the same time of year as Christmas.


NFL Resin 11.5″ Team Logo Gnome for Football Fans


Can you see this proud little guy hanging out with you on game day?

I can, and guess what?

He’s not another front-runner that will walk out on you after a playoff defeat.

Who says a gnome’s place is in the garden?

This little guy has no limitations and he can go wherever; whenever!

Perfect for indoor or outdoor, man-caves or grill-side.

The guys didn’t make it to your birthday party?

No one to accompany you to the bar to watch the big game?

This gnome can solve the problems of any poor lonely fan out there.

This little fellow  is more than just a gift.  He is reliable; a true blessing in a hat,  and might just be your new best friend.


NFL Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler and Lunch Box Bag for Football Fans



“Whats for lunch?” you ask.

Well it’s not much of a mystery when your lugging around your lunch in that pathetic and embarrassing half-ripped Walmart plastic bag.

Come to work with a little more pep in your step and swag in your stride swinging your new NFL cooler lunch bag.

Not only do you get a chance to display your favorite team, but you also play your part in environmental consciousness by ridding of the world of plastic bags.

Come to think about it, you’re now practically a social activist.



You’re sure to score with these gift ideas!