BBQ Gift Ideas for the Backyard Griller

backyard griller gift

We all know that special someone in our lives that is a professional backyard griller.

The kind of person that has an arsenal of spices and sauces, secret blends and seasonings

The type that believes that despite the colder weather, it is always the perfect time for grilling.

Although we may not be as dedicated as these enthusiasts and willing to grill in our thermals and parkas;  we have to admit that there is something special about cooking food over open flames.

This visceral love for BBQ is ingrained in us and dates back to our ancestors (sorry vegans).

Not only does the food taste better when infused with smoke and fire, but it also brings family and friends together.

Plus there’s also that hypnotic sensory experience of watching the flames dance and hearing the fat and juices sizzle, creating the perfect orchestra for the senses.

I’ll stop now because I’m making myself hungry……Allow me to commence with the suggestions.

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Complete BBQ Grill Set for the Backyard Griller

Still dropping your bbq on the floor with that baby fork and melting those dollar store rubber tongs while flipping over the burgers?

If you aspire to be a true Grill Master; you have to have the right equipment.

This gift is an all-in-one tool box for grillers, a must-have for any BBQ enthusiast.

There are procedures for grilling my friend and each procedure must be completed properly.

Send this gift to a close friend or relative and acknowledge the fact that they are a master of their craft.

Grill Master: Man, Myth, Legend Apron and Oven Mitt Set

Is there be a better way to pay homage to the Grill Master in your family then with this apron and oven mitt set?

Probably not.

This is the perfect way to ‘stoke’ the ego of any loved one.

Let them know that they are the king of the grill and you will give them their due adulation accordingly.

Plus it never hurts to compliment the chef – it usually results in becoming first in line and getting the prime cuts.

Weber Rapid Chimney Starter for the Backyard Griller

Do you have that friend that still haven’t figured out how to keep their grill hot, or worse, the burgers have been cooking for an hour with no grill marks?

No disrespect but no one enjoys steamed burgers.

Any true backyard griller knows that fire management is the key to good grilling, and to accomplish this you need to start with some good, gray coals.

Stop dousing the grill with lighter fluid and keeping your guests waiting all day for a simple hot dog.

Do things the right way by prepping your coals before hand with Rapid Chimney Starter.

This way you’re certain to have the grill at the right temperature, cook all your food to perfection, and avoid any potential food riots.

Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

“Are you sure that’s done?”

I know, that question still gets me annoyed as well.

But in all fairness no one wants a bbq cookout to turn into a case of food poisoning.

Anyone who has experienced the horror story of getting sick from under cooked meat can attest that they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemies.

Eye balling meat doneness is a tricky and potentially dangerous cooking strategy that should be left for novices.

Meat is required to be cooked at a certain temperatures and this is the tool to make that job effortless.

Make sure your food is cooked properly; you’ve worked too hard and long to be a part a bad grill story.

One bad grill story can set you back a few summers.

That’s one blemish on your track record that a Grill Master can not afford.

Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Gloves

Check your meat with style my friend.

Yeah, take that comment however you like.

Handling food over a hot grill can get dangerous, so better to be extra prepared!

And no don’t bring your outdated cooking gear either.

Get geared up the correct way; you are the grill master, so come looking like the grill master.

Sometimes tongs don’t do the trick and we have to get more ‘hands on’ with our BBQ.

These heat resistant gloves will ensure that your hands don’t end up BBQ’d as well.

Meat Injector Kit for the Backyard Griller

It’s time to be less boring and more inventive with your grill menu.

You can’t just keep slathering that under-seasoned meat with bbq sauce to hide the lack of flavor.

Every true grill master is recognized for their most tasteful creations and when you ask them for their recipe, you’re always told “it’s a secret”

It’s time for you to create your own secret weapon  with this meat injector kit.

Inject your meats with infinite concoctions of seasonings and marinades that are full of flavor and sure to astound your guests.

Happy grilling!

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