Fun Socks – 8 of the Wackiest Socks on Amazon

Out with the old and generic plain socks and in with more funny and fashionable footwear. These stylish and hilarious fun socks are both silly and practical.

Funny socks make a great gift for all kinds of occasions because as we already know – laughter is the best form of medicine.

Popular categories such as Please Do Not Disturb socks and If You Can Read This socks and many more equally hilarious and wacky offerings.

So what makes these fun socks such a great gift?  They’re stylish, affordable and will bring a smile to the face of the sock wearer time and time again.

Below is a selection some of the most unique and fun socks found on Amazon. I tried to put together a combination of funny gift ideas for for both him and her.



Cool Art Socks for Women


cool art socks


These artsy novelty socks are a great gift for any cultured woman with refined taste.  With great style inspired some of the world’s most famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa and Starry Night, this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  The bright, colorful design will have every lady starting the day a bit cheerier.



Funny Faces Mood Socks



funny face socks


This 9 piece sock set has major personality! Each colorful pair has a different facial expression to represent your mood for each day. The perfect gift to give to anyone who wants to express their emotions form head to toe.



I’d Rather Be – Funny Socks


i'd rather be socks


Let’s face it, most of the time we’d rather be somewhere else, with different people, doing other things. But in reality we have jobs and responsibilities. And although we can’t express exactly how we feel out loud, at least we can express our thoughts safely through our hilarious footwear. This is an excellent gift choice for anyone who’d rather be doing other things.



Circle Game Meme Socks


circle game meme socks


Excellent gift choice for all fans of the circle game.  With more than 5 colors of the circle game meme socks to choose from, there’s a style to match every outfit.



If You Can Read This Socks


if you can read this socks


It’s the simple things in life that make them enjoyable. A sunny day, a cool breeze or most importantly, having others serve you.  These funny socks are a great gift for anyone who like to kick back with their feet up and command others via subtle messages on their socks.



Do Not Disturb Socks 


do not disturb socks


Papa works hard to take care and provide for his family and all that he asks is a little time to catch a snooze interrupted. Don’t make the poor guy keep pretending to be awake, let him nap peacefully.



Pizza Themed Novelty Socks 




This is probably the perfect gift for just about everyone.  I mean, after all, who doesn’t love pizza. This unique 4 piece sock gift set comes packaged in an adorable lifelike pizza box!



Funny Retirement Socks 



retirement gifts


These funny retirement socks are a unique and funny gift option for the retired. A reminder that they should enjoy each and every day however they choose now that they have escaped the daily rat race.