Retirement Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Please

If you’re looking for a retirement gift idea then you’ve come to the right place. Every retiree deserves to be celebrated for the time, effort and dedication that they put towards their craft.

They deserve the opportunity for a proper farewell and with their co-workers, family and friends.  And most importantly they deserve a cool and unique retirement gift.

In this article I will touch upon some good retirement gift ideas broken down in the below categories:


  • retirement gifts for women
  • retirement gifts for men
  • funny retirement gifts
  • retirement gifts for coworkers
  • unique retirement gift ideas
  • retirement gift ideas for boss
  • luxury retirement gift ideas

Retirement Gifts for Women


Some think that men are easier to shop for than women and this might be somewhat true.

When shopping for a woman it usually pays to spend a bit more time in order to me the gift extra thoughtful.

Not to say that women are more picky but the extra effort can definitely go a long way in being appreciated. Some of the best retirement gifts for women are ones that are both thoughtful and useful.


retirement gift women


Some say that less is more but in this scenario I believe that more is more.

Why settle for one gift when you can give a 10 piece gift bundle.

This retirement gift box is filled with such lovely gifts as a  wine tumbler, farewell bracelet, jewelry dish, socks, makeup bag and keychain.

This is a guaranteed winner as you have a gift from several categories.



Retirement Gifts for Men


Staying within the theme of men being easier to please, choosing a retirement gift for men shouldn’t be too difficult.

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and you will be thought of every time he sips his morning coffee. Plus, this one comes already packaged in a gift box!


retirement gift mug


Say goodbye to that ‘full-time’ shift, ‘part time’ shift, ‘rotating’ shift, and even that ‘can you come in today on your off-day’ shift.

Its time to make your own schedule; and you no longer have an annoying employer to answer to!

Your new weekly schedule should be packed with only your objectives. It’s your time to do literally whatever you please, you put the hard work in over the years and paid your dues.

Whether you’re at home with family, or at the ‘all you can eat’ buffet at your favorite 5-star resort, you can brandish your retirement mug proudly.

Make it known that you alone are in charge of your day.



Funny Retirement Gifts


Funny retirement gifts are probably some of the popular gift options for retirement.

This is because humor is one of the best ways to change the sentiment and prevent everyone from being sad.

These funny socks will be sure to have every retiree letting go of tension and looking forward to their pension.



Ahhhh, kick your feet up and relax, you deserve it.

And while you’re at it show off your new mantra on life.

Goodbye to all the stress, traffic and everyday office politics.  And say hello to direct deposit payments, sleeping-in and midday naps.

Quite frankly, these gift socks are perfect present for any retiree.

Stylish, comfy, durable, and one size fits all, assuring you’ll be thought of every time those feet recline on a sofa.


Retirement Gift for Coworkers 


After hearing your coworkers whine everyday here’s the perfect witty gift. Not too personal, clever and useful, everyone can use a new favorite wine glass.


retirement gift coworker


This is much more than a vessel to drink wine out of.  This is your personal trophy for the long years you’ve endured of putting up with other people’s crap.

You now have the right to ‘wine’ all you want.

This glass is also a constant reminder that you are in charge of your own time now and can utilize it however you choose.

Whether you feel like drinking one too many glasses of wine late into Sunday night or feel like having a drink a bit too early in the afternoon, one thing’s for certain – you will no longer have the Monday blues.

Cheers to your retirement!



Unique Retirement Gift


If you’re looking for a more unique retirement gift idea that has more of an adventurous touch than this might be an interesting option.

Give the gift of encouragement and exploration, and truly let your retiree enjoy their well deserved downtime.



Its finally time to take in some arts and culture, stretch your legs, and see the rest of the world.

Your moment has arrived after a decade of putting out office wildfires, sleeping through fun filled conference meetings or even countless hours spent on the phone with IT support.

Now it’s time to travel and see the rest of the world!

Well, at least you can start with seeing the rest of the United States.

Grab your significant other or a close friend and get ready for an impromptu road trip.  So many states and so much to see.

Whether your checking out the world’s longest yard sale in Tennessee or heading down south to a  swamp tour in Louisiana, there’s countless things to see and experience across the great U – S of A.

The book shares 5,00 ideas within the US.  This variety of places to travel will ensure that you won’t be spending your best years at home as a couch potato watching re-runs.



Retirement Gift Ideas for Boss


If there’s one important lesson that you’ve learned throughout the years, it’s to always stroke your boss’s ego. Now you have the chance to do it one last time and always be remembered as the favorite employee.


retirement gift boss


100% stainless steel, this gift is should last a ling time. Ensuring that your butt-kissing will go noticed for many years to come.



Luxury Retirement Gift


I know it doesn’t sound like the most original gift, but these candles truly smell amazing.

Apparently, there’s a thing called aromatherapy, and this means that smelling nice things make you happy.

So instead of waking up to the smell of yesterday’s leftovers in the morning, you can be smelling exotic and therapeutic scents such as Bamboo, Grapefruit, Moroccan Amber, Ocean Mist & Sea Salt, Amalfi Lemon & Mint, Wild Mint & Eucalyptus…



luxury retirement gift



Look how far you’ve come.  Your days now consist of flip flops, your favorite tunes and wonderful scented candles.

These highly fragrant and long burning candles are sure to remove any unsavory odors from your home or dwelling place with sophisticated scents such as Moroccan Amber.

You’re so mature and cultured now with sophisticated taste.