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Gifts for Essential Workers to Say Thank You During the Pandemic

What Are Good Gifts for Essential Workers?   Essential workers are on the front lines everyday keeping everything running and tending to the ill. Meanwhile we are at home complaining about being bored even though we are protected and out of harms way. At the very least, essential workers deserve a small thoughtful gift as […]

Gifts for Grandma That Will Truly Be Appreciated

What are the Best Gifts for Grandmother’s?   Grandma’s are the some of the most precious beings on this earth. They are full of unconditional love and and a lifetime of wisdom. They are also always caring, and never seem to give the wrong advice. Now more than ever we need to take the time […]

What are People’s Favorite Gifts? – A Survey

What are People’s Favorite Gift Types?   Turns out there’s a science to picking what might ultimately be someone’s favorite gift. Well, not really. But it does involve some thoughtfulness and some time to focus on the individual we are shopping for. As we see in the survey below a large percentage of people’s favorite […]

Funny Retirement Gift Ideas

What are some Retirement Gift Ideas for Men and Women?   Here are some fun retirement gift ideas for anyone you know that is lucky enough to get out of the daily rat race and finally live life on their own terms. They should be properly congratulated as they have paid their dues and have […]

Indoor Gift Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied

What Are The Best Toys For Kids?   Poor kids.  Stuck inside.  The weather is getting warmer and the sun is out longer yet we are all stuck indoors for most of the day. Especially those of us in apartments and buildings, who don’t have the luxury of our own backyard for kids to play […]

Gift Ideas for Football Fans

What Are The Best Gifts For Football Fans?     Below is the ultimate list of gift ideas for the football fans in your life. Football season is here and football fans can rejoice.  It is the season of cold weather, even colder beer, and hot debates about your favorite teams chances of winning it […]

Cool and Funny Holiday Gifts for Dad

What are Some Fun Holiday Gifts for Dad?     Why settle for giving the same old shirt and tie gifts for dad for when you could get dad something far more interesting instead? Let’s make our celebrations more memorable with these fun gifts for dad. These unique gifts will help enhance this special time […]

Best Teacher Gifts to Show Our Appreciation

What are the Best Gifts for Teachers?   Spending more time with our children recently due to school closures is causing us to realize just how underappreciated teachers are. Actually, if we do the math, some of our children spend more time with teachers then they do with their own parents. It’s only right that […]

Inexpensive and Useful Gift Ideas for Friends

What are Some Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Friends?     Although we spend a lot of time with our friends and loved ones they can still be a tricky bunch to shop for when it’s time for gift giving. That’s why I put together a list to assist with you coming up with some gift […]

Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for Rabid Fans

What are the Best Game of Thrones Gift Ideas?   It’s all over. Okay, you can quit your crying now. I know for most of us the highly anticipated final season left a bitter taste in our mouth, especially the final episode. The legendary and arguably greatest TV series of all time may have slightly […]

Hilarious Gift Ideas for Fans of the The Office TV Show

What are the Best ‘The Office’ TV Show Gifts?     Below are some The Office TV show gift ideas that are sure to brighten up the day for any fan of the series. For years we have looked to the ‘The Office’ for inspiration and ways to make our own office environment more fun […]

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