Best Teacher Gifts to Show Our Appreciation

What are the Best Gifts for Teachers?


Spending more time with our children recently due to school closures is causing us to realize just how underappreciated teachers are.

Actually, if we do the math, some of our children spend more time with teachers then they do with their own parents.

It’s only right that we show appreciation to these teachers who dedicate their lives to educating our future generations.

Lets also keep in mind that teachers have to be extremely creative and resourceful as they’re working with limited budgets and salary.

Here’s our opportunity to show our appreciation, I assembled a brief list of possible gift ideas.


Teacher Gifts – Gift of Vice


mug and wine glass gift for teachers


Teaching is a stressful job.

Teachers spend their days trying to educate and discipline unruly kids and often have to deal with even more difficult parents.

There’s only two proven ways to handle this daily pressure – caffeine and alcohol.

The Before and After School Mug and Wine glass is the perfect gift to help teachers differentiate which is the appropriate time to drink each one.


Gifts for Teachers – Gift of Inspiration

you make a difference bracelet

This next item makes a great thoughtful gift and a constant reminder to teachers that their work is not in vain.

Whenever they are feeling overwhelmed they have a reminder on their wrist that they ‘make a difference’.

Although this bracelet is reasonably priced,  this durable surgical stainless steel bracelet will never fade or tarnish.

Just like our admiration for our teachers.


Teacher Gifts  РGift of Buy What You Need


thank you teacher gift card


Although I’m not usually a proponent for giving gift cards, I do believe that there are certain circumstances where they make sense.

We can probably all agree that teachers are underpaid, overworked and generally working with limited school and teaching supplies.

These are the precise reasons why I believe a gift card is a good gift option.

This allows teacher’s to spend the money as they see fit.

Whether they to choose to buy something for themselves, or whether they choose to spend that money in the classroom.


Gifts for Teachers – Gift of Convenience


rocketbook teacher gift


You’re probably not going to want to splurge for an Ipad as a gift so this is the next best thing for teachers.

The Rocketbook lets you take notes on a digital notepad then scan it to any of the popular clouds such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, Icloud, Email etc.

Its the perfect way to take notes and create lesson plans in an eco-friendly fashion.

Disposing of the the clutter and environmental harm of paper.



Gifts for Teachers – Gift of Health



savvy water bottle


The last suggestion is a helpful way for teachers to stay hydrated throughout the day.

This Savvy water bottle allows teachers to infuse their water with different fruits to make drinking water more flavorful.

It also allows teachers to obtain more nutrients than from drinking regular water alone.

The perfect way to keep them healthy and fit to keep inspiring generations to come.


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